Sunday, September 16, 2012

Mickey Mouse and Friends

This is one of the most difficult cartoons to handmade due to lot of recognizable details. Apart from Mickey & Minnie where everyone can find their mold easily, I wish there are mold for Donald, Daisy and Pluto too. This will save my time by threefold! ;-)

Handbags Craze

I have always dream about having a branded handbags. But the reality always tell me that I don't need one. So, I can only admire about 'them' through the glass window whenever I go to Pavilion. ;-)
One day, a customer told me that she is the super fan of branded handbags. The best part is she said she has collected many many of! So, she wanted me to make cupcakes with topper of all her favorite handbags for her birthday party. Here is her cupcakes with mix of 3D handmade and edible images handbags.

Balenciaga Handbag...Gorgeous one!

Can you imagine receiving a big birthday cake from your staffs? She is definitely the lucky one. This is the second time i am making birthday cake for her. As she loves Balenciaga handbags very much, this time her staffs has asked me to make one specifically in green. I was given the picture to imitate one. I just love it! Hope she is still keeping it. 


Toy Story cake

Well, we have the main actors for the show - Woody & Bullseye (It's a plastic toy provided by the customers as part of the cake decoration). Here come the perfect scene (the cake) - sandy desert and sexy cactus to fit in everything. Just perfect!

Angry Birds cupcakes

Wherever I go, I see Angry Birds stuffs whether it's something edible or non-edible. I am not exempted too. I received a lot of enquiry on Angry Birds cakes and cupcakes. Out of so many that I have made, I love this collection the most - with all the interesting Angry Birds characters.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Smurfs are here!

It was fun making these cute little blue creatures. Each of them is unique in their own way. I like Grote Smurf the most!

Poolside Party with Sesame Street

These cake & cupcakes are meant for a poolside birthday party, as I was told. Therefore, I have decorated the cake like a swimming pool with Elmo playing with yellow monster pool float, Cookies Monster enjoying his all time favorite chocochips cookies and Big Bird wearing sun hat and sitting at poolside.